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Insect bite can be very unpleasant. What started as the lazy afternoon sitting on the lawn or as the walk through the park could end up with the emergency call to your doctor, if some insect bites you and that spot starts to swell. At first, you may not even notice that anything bit you, because it doesn’t have to leave any mark there. So said, swelling of the bitten spot might appear almost instantly or several hours after the bite, when the venom injected to your body provoke swelling and the pain.

Several insects are considered dangerous, and their bite can cause serious swelling in both adults and children. Mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, bees, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets bites might be very harmful, as well as the bite from the fire ant, scorpion or some spiders.

When Spider Bites You

Brown recluse spider and the female of black widow spider can cause many problems. Brown recluse spider bite usually provokes a blister, which turn to ulceration after a while, and can be extremely dangerous for children. Female of a black widow spider can bite you and cause mild and after a while intense pain and stiffness. In some cases, black widow spider bite can provoke chills, nausea, fever and abdominal pain.

Useful Tips

Spider bites should be cleaned with soap and water. After that, place a cold compress or an ice pack over the bite, to relieve the swelling. Tight bandage over the bite spot can slow the spread of the spider’s venom and reduce the swelling, also. Children may be given acetaminophen and adults can take the same medication or some Aspirin, to ease existing pain. Ask for urgent medical help, and if you think it is necessary, take some anti-histamine tablets while waiting for the ambulance. Urgent medical assistance is needed if the bitten child is younger than 6 years, or the bitten person (an adult) is suffering from severe pain.

Home Remedies

When you are sure you don’t need medical attention, there are some helpful home remedies that could reduce the swelling after the insect bite.

Paste made of one teaspoon of baking soda, mixed with some water can be placed to the sting and washed 20 minutes later, to cool the bite spot and ease the swelling and the pain. Raw honey or combination of honey and one drop of lemon oil might also be helpful, as well as the inside of banana skin, fresh peppermint, onion, some alcohol or Calamine lotion. Epsom salt dissolved in some water can also be applied on the insect bite, to help with the swelling.

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