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This Wolf Can Bite Too

Wolf spider is the characteristic for manyof its traits. First of all, this spider has no web. Therefore, thisway of catching its pray is out of the question. Therefore, thisinsect is bound to the ground. Thus, stalking and preying are hisways of obtaining food. Most often this spider is found in naturalsurroundings like woods, shrubs, even your garden or some otherplaces people visit often. Moreover, if food and other things lureit, wolf spider may even be found in your household. For thesereasons, there is a high possibility of getting in contact with thisinsect. It is a very good hunter, having eight excellent eyes and avery good sense of touch, wolf spider can easily react to anyprovocations. It is usually known to bite humans when it feelsthreatened, and it may deliver continuous bites, injecting us withvenom each time. Luckily, its venom is not so dangerous, even thoughpeople should be careful while close to these creatures.

Wolf Spider Bite

The first thing you notice upon gettingbitten by a wolf spider is swelling, irritation and, of course, pain.Now, varying from one individual to another, the pain may escalateand get worse in time, becoming excruciating. Also, beside thesesymptoms, nausea and dizziness are known to possibly appear as well.In case any of these manifestations affect you, be sure that you werebitten by a spider and seek medical assistance as soon as possible,especially if a child or an older person was bitten. As far as therecovery period is concerned, it lasts for about 10 days, allaccompanied by pain and constant irritation. Finally, there is a highlikelihood of developing an allergy after your first encounter withthe wolf spider venom.

Possible Treatment for Wolf Spider Bite

The treatment for this bite is similarto that for any given spider bite. Firstly, you are to disinfect thewound in order to prevent any infections from taking place, sincethese can only make things worse. You can do this by washing thewound thoroughly, using an antibacterial soap and applying anantibiotic cream topically afterwards. Then, you may want to applyice compress in order to decrease both the pain and the swelling.Finally, keep the troublesome spot elevated since this too willreduce chances of swelling. Alternatively, you might take someover-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers.However, it is best to seek medical attention once you disinfect thebite spot.

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