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Sinus and Eye Pain

The cause for the eye pain can be located in the sinus area and this problem is mostly associated with the beginning of the winter. There are many problems caused by the sinusitis and eye pain is one of the symptoms. We will focus on this issue in the following text.
The eyes are the most sensitive part of the human body. Many nerve endings and pain receptors are located in this region, and because of that we experience pain or irritation when cold air blasts. As we have said, the sinus problems can create eye pain, which can be experienced when we roll eyes over, because of the strained muscles.
There are air pockets that go from the nose to the bones of the skull and the face. They are very small, but they grow throughout the life, until we reach young adulthood. The mucus is manufactured in them, and it is responsible for cleaning the membranes, because, it removes the pollutants like bacteria and particles. The problem is created when the bags are closed instead of being opened. The closure can be created due to the many diverse irritants, like smoke, allergens and other. The mucus cannot be drained out in this case, which leads to the fluid gathering and building of the pressure. This further leads to the pain in question and the sinus problems. The rating of the pain depends on the severity of the swelling, and the pain can also be caused by many reasons such as tooth infection and nasal polyps. The pressure usually builds up in the area between the eyes and the nose, and behind the eyes. The red swelling is also a possibility.


We will give you several suggestions on methods that can decrease the problems caused by the right eye pain. The steam is an excellent remedy for opening the sinuses. Try using a nasal steamer or just boil water in a pot. This needs to be repeated three times during one day. The problems caused by sinusitis can be reduced with the use of warm baths. Hot compress is an option for those who do not want to use steam. Just apply it on the sinuses and it will also drain them. Do not work in the garden during the pollen season, be sure to avoid polluted air, smoke and seek clean air. When sleeping, head elevation from 4 to 6 inches can be a good idea. Try using a humidifier. Making eucalyptus oil is recommended, since it can be used as a humidifier. Doctor will be needed in more serious cases. Try to avoid those who have flu. Also, sharing clothes, utensils and other items is not advised. Do everything you can to avoid getting an infection.

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