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General information and facts

There are a few ways by which one can measure a body temperature. A thermometer can be placed on the forehead, in the mouth, in the anus (in small children), or under the armpit. In this article we will present you temperature measurement under arm.

Underarm Temperature

Thermometer is an inevitable part of our medicine cupboard and we are familiar with it from our early age. There are several methods by which a thermometer may be used and they include oral, rectal and underarm method. All of these methods are used, but, underarm is the most common one, even though the rectal one gives the most precise temperature. Now, let us see what normal temperature in humans is. It is 98.6 °F or 37.0 °C and everything that is one or two degrees above that is considered as high temperature.

Underarm Temperature Measurement

There are electric thermometers and oral thermometers at the market. Even though every type of thermometers can be used for measurement, the electric one is the most suitable. In order to measure your temperature, you have to put it under your arm and cover it with the arm, but before you have to make sure that the initial temperature is below 95 °F. Because of the fact that the underarm auxiliary temperature is the most similar with the body temperature, this method is used so frequently. This underarm temperature is considered to be auxiliary and its temperature may vary for half or one degree. If your temperature is normal, underarm temperature will be around 97.6 °F to 98.1°F or 36.4 - 36.7 °C.

Having in mind these facts, you can conclude that body temperature may depend upon the place where it is measured. As we have said, the rectal one will provide you with the most accurate temperature, then the oral one follows and finally underarm temperature. But, underarm temperature is mostly used if we are dealing with adults or older children. This method is not recommended for babies and in that case, the rectal one will be the most suitable. That is because it is a bit of risky to measure temperature in a baby with the underarm method. If your temperature, once you have measured it, is more than 100.4° Fahrenheit, then it is considered that you have a fever. So, if you see that your temperature is around the fever limit, you should visit your doctor so that he could diagnose the cause of your temperature.

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