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When in a need of a fitness program, there are the few questionsthat must be answered. First and most important one is – what is the ultimategoal of exercising? Many will say that the answer is easy, to lose some weight,to gain a nicely shaped figure and to be healthy. And they are all correct! Itis easy to know why we want to make certain changes in our lives, but honestly,it is a completely different thing when those changes have to be applied.

Step one

How to start a fitness program? Perhaps, the smartest thingin the beginning would be to visit as many experts in the field as possible.This means that going to a doctor will determine what level of intensity isallowed in exercising, blood test will show the current levels of cholesterol,glucose and triglycerides in the blood (which are reduced with exercising),seeing a nutritionist will help in making a healthy and optimal menu tocomplement the physical activity. Finally, it is recommended to consult afitness instructor and to create some sort of exercising schedule, withintensity appropriate to the current state of the body.

Step two

So, the diet is set, plan is made, things like fat to muscle ratio are known.Fitness program can start, and the gates to health are wide open. Or is thatreally the case? All the mentioned things that should be done are nothingcomparing to efforts that must be applied in order to exercise regularly and eathealthy. First couple of days are easy, because of the optimism and because weare trying something completely new. But after a while, when the optimism meltsaway in front of cramping muscles and always present hunger, situation is a bitdifferent and people start to struggle.

Step three

This is the moment when the only thing we should think of isfocusing on the problem. Our entire mental and physical strength is needed toensure the victory over hunger and aching body. What people need to realize is thatthis is nothing serious, spasms will subdue once muscles get a bit used to afitness program, and hunger will eventually become something that is easy todeal with.

Step four

A stage when exercising becomes more and more fun andnothing strenuous, and when half-full stomach does not send SOS signals to thebrain in need of more feeding is a stage when applying an advancedfitness program is a standard part of a daily routine, and diet is no longercalled a diet, but healthy eating. Once this happens, you can congratulateyourself, you are a pro now.

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