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People tend to expect too much from a diet and exerciseprogram. Sometimes the results are simply not what the people wanted and thatmight lead to disappointment and quitting. In order to avoid this, people haveto understand that the same program applied by several people might create completelydifferent results. So, what can you expect from your diet and exercise program?

A plan

It is very important thing to create a good plan. To dothis, there are some things that have to be taken into consideration. Muscle to fat ratio has to beknown; also, the amount of water in the organism has to be determined. It isimportant to establish a good diet, the one that will not be different drastically from the already present eating habits. This is essential for a person becausehe or she will adapt much easier if the dieting menu resembles the old eatinghabits. As for exercising, it is important to establish the current physicalcondition. That will enable a practitioner to create a training schedule whichwill be strenuous but not exhausting, and also not too easy because that willhave no effect.

Executing a plan

It is not easy to execute a plan; mental and physical strengthis needed. But, it is not easy to determine the outcome of the diet/exerciseplan. General facts are known, cardio workout is used for lean muscles,additional weight for bulked up effect, and both are good for fat burning,although cardio is much better for intensive fat burning. The point is that the successof a plan depends only on the person. One exercise can create differenteffect because it can be done with 100 percent of effort, but it also can bedone with only 60, 70 percent. It is obvious that the results will be differentand that the final goal will be achieved later in the second situation.

What does this mean? Some bodybuilders say that the mostimportant part of the exercise is that final rep in a set, when the muscles areput under the maximum strain and the entire body is in tension until the rep isdone. Or, if running is the exercise, pushing for another mile when the entirebody is already trembling is what will create the additional effect.

Dieting is also important and not easily executed, especiallyif it is a rigorous diet. Following dieting rules and not straining away willbe the best thing for reaching the final goal – fit, strong and nicely shapedbody.

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