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What is Alcoholic Hepatitis?

Alcoholic hepatitis is a conditionwhich usually goes before liver cirrhosis. Therefore, this predecessoris also caused by an excessive indulgence in alcohol for a longer periodof time. This is one of many ailments which can be caused bya prolonged consumption of alcoholic beverages in amounts which are fargreater than moderate. There are certain symptoms of this conditionand everyone can benefit from knowing these since, this way he/shecan help him/herself or someone else stop drinking excessively sincethis process has started taking its toll. Therefore, read on to learnmore about alcoholic hepatitis, its symptoms and its adequatetreatment.

Manifestations of Alcoholic Hepatitis

The first manifestation is, of course,lack of control in binge drinking and overindulgence in alcohol ingeneral. Abdominal pain comes next, as a trademark of this conditionand as a first sign of having to many shots of alcoholic beverages.Your abdominal area may also be swollen and tender to the touch.Jaundice may take place too, accompanied by a lack of appetite.Fever, dryness in the mouth area, thirst and weight gain add on tothe list. Additionally, you might experience being lightheaded,fainting, feeling ill, confused and constantly tired, while, at thesame time, being pale.

Since there are two types of thiscondition, acute and severe, the symptoms vary for these two as well.Basically, acute alcoholic hepatitis symptoms are spiderweb bloodvessels, rapid mood changes, blood vomiting, jaundice and even memoryloss. Also, one might experience confusion and a lack of concentrationwhen suffering from an acute case of this condition.

On the other hand, severe alcoholichepatitis manifests through ascites, total liver failure and otherconditions like coagulopathy and encepalopathy. It goes withoutsaying that these are the worst case scenarios.

The Treatment

In order to seek the proper treatment, youneed to notice the symptoms timely. So, be alert and avoid alcohol asmuch as you can. At the same time, if you are afraid for the healthof someone else and you notice the symptoms, make this person seekmedical attention as soon as possible.

Complete abstinence from alcohol isnecessary for the recovery. Therefore, you need to motivate theperson suffering from alcoholic hepatitis to want to get better andstop drinking alcohol, accepting the treatment offered by the doctor.The price of excessive alcohol indulgence is too high since your lifemight easily be at stake. Think about that and drink responsively, ordo not drink at all.

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