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Person can use appetitesuppressants if he or she wants to decrease the weight. They work by reducingthe appetite. There are some natural appetite suppressants, which you can use,and we will mention several that you can give a try. We all know how difficultit is to restrain ourselves from eating sometimes. This especially applies forthe sweets. But for those who cannot fight the cravings, appetite suppressantsare the answer. When a person takes them, they increase the chemicals that tellour brain we are full and also release certain hormones responsible for foodcravings. However, be careful when using these suppressants, since they cansometimes cause restlessness, insomnia and nervousness.

Appetite suppressants

Green tea is one of the naturalappetite suppressants. It affects the hormones for the food cravings we havementioned. This very healthy to consume herb, can also help in reducing fat.Next suppressants you can use are apples. Take an uncut apple and eat it. Thisoccurs, by the belief of professionals, because it takes more time to eatunpeeled apple. They are full of fiber and very low on carbohydrates. You canalso try apple cider vinegar, or apple in combination with cinnamon. Thirdpossible natural appetite suppressant we will mention is the water. This isconsidered to be the best possible suppressant of all. When we are hungry,drinking water will fill the stomach, and we will immediately feel moresatisfied. You can also try to reduce the appetite by drinking one glass ofwater prior to every meal.

Vegetables are also natural appetite suppressants. Theyare high in fiber and have low level of calories. They are very effective andwill make you feel full for a long time, so try to eat spinach, cauliflower,green peas, cabbage, carrots, brussels sprouts and broccoli as much aspossible. When muscles grow, fat is being burned. This is important since theuse of proteins can make the muscles grow.

Though it is hard to believe, an appetitesuppressant is also the chocolate. But remember that you can only eat darkchocolate and no other.

Appetite can be suppressed with teaand coffee, but try to use artificial sweeteners. Oatmeal has high level ofcarbohydrates and fiber, so it is a good appetite suppressant, along with rawflex seeds. Hoodia gordonii is a cactus, which is good for appetitesuppressing. Molecule called P57 is found in this cactus, and this moleculetells the brain we are full. This cactus can be found in pill form. You canalso try eating pickles. Remember that you have to reduce your meals and givesome of the suppressants we have mentioned a try.

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