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One of the most terrifying things for a teenager is to wake up in the morning and see a zit on his face. This is a reality for millions of teens around the world. Will someone be able to help them? The answer is yes, but they must learn to help themselves first.

Zits can be controlled and even cured, without spending large amounts of money and without constant visits to a doctor.

Zits are a result of the clogging of the body tissues and, therefore, your body is trying to clear it up in many different ways. This is the chance for you to assist your body and to achieve wanted results.

Proper diet

A water or fruit juice fast is a quick way to get rid of the zits. It will require an adjustment in your diet. You will have to stop consuming junk and fast food, as well as soft drinks, and turn to fresh fruit and freshly squeezed juices. The type of food best for you is called ‘mucus forming and binding food’. If you are not sure what you are allowed to eat, you can find, more information online.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but the worst for your body, because it interrupts the natural process of body cleansing. To quickly rid your body of toxins that are causing the zits, your daily menu should look like this:

Breakfast: A large glass of fruit juice or plain iced waterLunch: Any seasonal fruit (it is important not to mix them at one meal)Dinner: Fresh salads, raw or cooked vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and celeryExternal factors

External factors depend only on you. Be sure your hands are clean, and if they are not, don’t touch your face but use a tissue. Change your pillowcase every other night and wash your hair on daily basis, because the bacteria from your hair will transfer to your face via the pillow. Steam your face so it could release the toxins through sweating. You can do this at home or you can visit a gym.

Exercising will help your body as well as your metabolism. Any form of exercising is recommendable, from running to aerobics.

Zits can be very frustrating for an adolescent, but they can be controlled. It is not too difficult to adjust your diet or to start exercising. The whole body will benefit from this, not only your face.

Do not drink any liquids with your meal and wait for a full hour before doing so.

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