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Problems with sleep

A good night’s sleep is the basis of having good and stable health, and it is true of all people. Some individuals, sadly, experience different problems related to sleep, and are unable to obtain sufficient amounts of the aforementioned. What is important to remember is that insufficient and low-quality sleep is something that is not just unpleasant. It is an experience that may potentially lead to different medical conditions, to a greater or lesser extent.

The National Sleep Foundation has determined that insufficient amounts of sleep can lead to the medical ailments such as gaining excessive weight, diabetes, coronary diseases, melancholy, or impaired quality of short term memory.

Appropriate amount of sleep

The amount of sleep a person needs to truly rest sufficiently is a very tricky thing to determine. We are all different and no organism is the same, and therefore each person needs their own specific amount of sleep. Nonetheless, there are some general principles pertaining to the amount of sleep one needs in order to function properly. For example, we can freely say that a grownup needs somewhere between seven and nine hours of night’s sleep, on average. There are some things that indicate that sleeping for more or less than this amount of time may perhaps lead to increased risk of death. However, bear in mind that the research showed some indications that sleeping for too few hours will do you greater damage then sleeping for too long.

Gaining pounds due to a lack of sleep

Sufficient amounts of sleep may throw the hormones responsible for the sensation of hunger off the balance. The consequence of the mentioned lack of balance may be distorted hunger impulse which may compel you to eat even when there is no objective need in your body. Certain surveys have shown that deprivation of sleep may cause you to eat increased amounts of carbohydrates, which can be very detrimental for your weight. So, do everything that you can to naturally improve your sleep in order to avoid this kind of complication.

Lack of sleep and heart conditions

Some studies have reached the conclusion that insufficient amounts of sleep can lead to different coronary problems. In case a person fails to obtain a satisfactory amount of sleep during the night, the heart may suffer. Since the hormones fluctuate to undesirable levels when you don’t sleep enough, your body reacts in alarm and various coronary ailments may appear. In order to forestall such complications, make sure to do everything to better your sleep naturally.

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