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Alopecia areata is the medical term for thecondition marked by the hair loss and the appearance of bald patches, and this conditionis more typical for women, although it can occur also in men. Furthermore, the occurrenceof this disorder does not depend on age and every person may develop it. Alopecia areata may occur not only on the head, butit can occur also on the entire body.

When a woman gets alopecia, it is very distressing andupsetting for her because of the loss of hair on the visible parts of the bodyin the form of bald patches. This usually causes certain psychological sideeffects on women.

Causes of alopecia in women

This disorder is an autoimmune and there are manycauses that are responsible for the occurrence of it. One of the reasons for this incidence is simpleaging, because as we age, there are certain changes that happen in our body. Moreover,the body becomes weak and susceptible to many diseases and health problems. It isproven that in the majority of cases of women, alopecia was causedprecisely by aging. The other reason for alopecia appearance isheredity. The enzymes called 5-a reductase and aromatase are responsible foralopecia in women and they can be inherited either from mother or father.

Furthermore, stress is one of the causes foralopecia in women, as well as poor diet, which leads to the essential nutrientsinsufficiency. All this can affect the strength of the hair on the body. Menopause and allergies induced by certain medicationsand hormones such as androgen are also some of the causes for the incidence ofthis condition.

Symptoms of alopecia in women

Alopecia is a disorder that has its characteristicsymptoms that can be visible. In the early stages, the most common symptoms arethe formation of bald patches and rapid loss of the hair on the head or otherparts of the body. Alopecia is not very serious condition that causescomplications to the other parts of the human body, but it most certainly mayinduce serious problems such as depression and stress. In severe cases of alopecia in women, the main symptomsare itching and complete baldness.

Treatment of alopecia in women

There is not an exact cure for this condition, but there are certain medications that can help in slowing down the process ofgetting bald or help hair growth. Many women use wigs or just transplant hair.

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