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Hair regrowth after chemotherapy

Chemotherapy-Induced Hair Loss

In most cases, people who undergo chemotherapy lose their hair completely. This is due to specific drugs used in the therapy. Namely, these attack many cells in the body, forcing it to start defending itself against cancer. However, these drugs also attack one's hair cells and follicles, making a person lose his/her hair.

Luckily, there are ways of restoring hair growth once hair is lost after a person has undergone chemotherapy. Yet, before we start dealing with this problem, you need to know which factors of chemotherapy make a person lose hair in the first place. Therefore, the following lines will deal both with the causes of hair-loss due to chemotherapy and the possible ways of restoring your hair afterward.

The Culprit

As it was mentioned above, certain drugs used in the chemotherapy attack carcinogenic cells in one's body, destroying them. However, since these are not intelligent medications, they also attack other parts of the body, including our hair cells. This results in a complete hair loss within 15 days after the treatment. The hair starts falling out in great chunks, from all over the body, until all of it disappears.

Moreover, once it is gone, our body needs at least 6 weeks in order to fully regrow the lost hair. This process can be devastating for many people who fight cancer, especially women, since baldness affects their aesthetic appeal more. Also, the new hair, that grows afterward, usually lacks the quality and the color of the previous one, making it even harder for patients to cope with the change. Nevertheless, all this sacrifice is for the best of the patients themselves since chemotherapy is the best possible way of dealing with cancer so far.

How To Regrow Hair After Chemotherapy?

First of all, you may just wait for your new hair to come out naturally. Nevertheless, you can contribute to the process by taking some of the following steps into consideration.

Cryotherapy is one of the possible treatments against hair-loss during chemotherapy. Basically, this involves placing ice packs on the scalp area, preventing the drugs to affect the hair. Yet, this can be dangerous, since the cancer itself may spread onto the area in this case.

There is also a topically applied product called minoixidil which enables people hair regrowth and protection during and after chemotherapy. Also, do not forget to be gentle with your hair throughout the treatment. Use mild shampoos, make sure you brush and wash with care, using sating pillows and avoiding coloring the hair or exposing it to chemicals of any sort.

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