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Are you eager to get to the beach with your kids? Now the weather is hot and most of us are preparing for vacations, I bet new parents are wondering how to keep their kids safe and entertained at the beach. At SteadyHealth, we have about eight years of experience with kids at the beach. And of course, we have some tips for you!

Don't forget about sun protection! If your child is very fair-skinned (like mine!), start by building their time in the sun slowly. Don't go on the beach for more than an hour at first, and slap the SPF on really good. Kids' sun protection brands have high SPFs that you can use for yourself, too. Babies need a sun hat as well as sun cream, and rash guards are a great solution for the most sensitive skin you can find. Remember that it only takes a very small while to drown. As you can see in our article Swimming with kids? Beware of drowning! , even inflatable pools pose a risk. Don't rely on life guards to keep your little ones safe, and watch them at all times. Consider signing up for swimming lessons before you get to the beach. Don't rely on flotation devices to keep your kids safe, though you should still use them. Some kids do get a false sense of safety from them, so in some cases your intuition might tell you to skip them altogether. Buckets, shovels, and sand shapes are great for entertaining kids. Bring a ball, too! Don't forget to have plenty of drinking water on hand. It's really crucial that none of you get dehydrated in the hot sun.

We're running a whole series of summer articles, so come back for more. You may also like to read about remedies for heat rash in babies.

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