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How to get rid of feminine odor

An Unpleasant Secret

Many women keep their feminine smell a secret due to embarrassment or unwillingness to expose their problems. However, vaginal smell is something which should not be neglected but, rather, treated as soon as possible.

If your vaginal area produces unpleasant smells, you are likely to be affected by excessive bacteria in the area. This is usually caused by poor hygiene or excessive washing, tight clothes you wear to protect the area, increased discharged from the vagina after sexual intercourse, a bacterial infection or your menstrual cycle.

There are many ways of dealing with this problem and, thereby, you should not ignore this, let alone left it untreated.

Keep in mind that every female has a distinctive vaginal smell and that some minor changes in the odor are considered normal. However, you should get worried once the smell becomes extremely unpleasant. This can interfere with your social life, your relationship, your self-confidence and many other aspects of your own personality.

Treating Feminine Smell

The first thing which is known to be helpful is yogurt, containing many useful bacteria. All you need to do is to drink yogurt often until the smell ceases to occur. Alternatively, you may soak a tampon in yogurt and place it into the vagina for several hours.

Next, you may choose tea tree oil which is an excellent cure for unpleasant smells as well as fungal and bacterial infections. Before applying onto the area, you are to mix several drops of the oil with some lukewarm water.

Also, focusing on the causes mentioned above, you are advised to avoid wearing tight clothes. Rather, wear something which enables perspiration in the area. Cotton-made underwear is best to be used for this purpose. Alternatively, panty liners can help you deal with excessive moisture in the area, possibly stopping the smell.

Also, you need to keep all the good bacteria in the area. Usually, when people are washing themselves too often, they get rid of these helpful microorganisms and, thereby, leave way for infections and the onset of the unpleasant smell. Do not go overboard, therefore, and do not use scented soaps for intimate hygiene.

Note that antibiotics will not restore your vaginal flora. You need to stop destroying it through your specific lifestyle in order to enable it to grow again. Then, there is a high likelihood that your unpleasant vaginal smell will be gone and you will be capable of living full of self-confidence, happiness and relief.   

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