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Many people who undergo vasectomy realize that they have made a mistake since they start desiring children. Basically, vasectomy is a surgical procedure which allows males to have sex with their partners without a chance of impregnating them. Simply, the procedure involves tying up the tubes through which sperm passes. Cutting the tubes is also an option. Then, the sperm never leaves the testes. Thus, no sperm, no fertilization, no pregnancy – as simple as that.

Can It Be Bypassed?

Many males, after having the surgery done wonder whether pregnancy can be possible nevertheless. Namely, these people are unsure whether sperm can avoid the vasectomy and manage to reach the female body regardless of the obstacles. Moreover, women who desire children usually want to know if there is a reversal of vasectomy, allowing males to have children again.

Fortunately for some, unfortunately for others, pregnancy after vasectomy is possible.

Pregnancy after Vasectomy

Sometimes, the surgical procedure is not done 100% accurately. Then, even after vasectomy, sperm can reach the female body and fertilize the egg. Yet, in order for this to be possible, one needs to have healthy, good quality sperm and be patient, trying much harder, since vasectomy decreases the chances of pregnancy to a great extent.

Alternatively, people who want a more radical solution can opt for a reversal surgery. This costly procedure can only be done if the primary vasectomy has been managed through tying up the tubes. Tubes which have been cut can never be reversed again. Also, after the reversal procedure, the male's body may create antibodies in order to fight sperm, leading to infertility in some cases.

Finally, couples who do not find the above mentioned methods suitable can give in-vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection a chance. These artificial insemination methods can be carried out by using donor sperm as well, in cases where the partner's sperm is not good enough.

All in all, there are numerous ways for you to bypass vasectomy and manage to get pregnant even after your partner has undergone this procedure. Herbal medicines and alternative medicine in general offer numerous solutions for these problems, so make sure you give these a try as well. Some holistic treatments are known to increase one's chances of pregnancy significantly, boosting both the male and female fertility. Thus, try methods you perceive to be best for your purposes and do not give up, since, however radical vasectomy may seem, it can be reversed, one way or the other.

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