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Plenty of people are curious about how to get pregnant with twins. This is our tongue in cheek guide to making it happen. Remember that twin pregnancy carries its own unique risks, and the same goes for the delivery of twins. Besides, nobody has any guarantees. Having said that, here you go some ways to get pregnant with twins!

Have a history of twins in your family, or your partner's, or preferably both! Some families have really high rates of twins. It's best if you are a twin yourself. Have twins, identical twins specifically, and you have a higher chance of having another set. Some parents have three or even more sets of twins! So if you already have twins, you may expect to be expecting twins again in the future. Obviously, this is not something you can influence in any way. If you are not among those who have a genetic tendency toward twins, here are some totally non-natural things you can try to have twins... Go on the popular fertility drug Clomid, and you certainly have a much larger chance of getting twins. Twins are one of the main side effects of Clomid. It is by no means the only one though. Clomid can cause some very unpleasant feelings as well. See how will you feel on Clomid? Have IVF. The transfer of multiple embryos after fertilization is the closest thing anyone can come to guaranteeing twins. Just ask twin moms, who will frequently be asked "Did you have IVF?" (!!!) even if they conceived naturally. Some people really do ask too many questions. Be older. The older you are when you conceive, the higher your chance of conceiving twins. But of course there is one catch this only goes for women. The longer you wait to conceive, the higher the chance of twins. Either because you conceive them naturally, or because you'll now need IVF. Some studies showed that women who are overweight are more likely to have twins. Having a BMI of 30 or more ups those odds.

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