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Have you heard about gender selection methods? If you are trying to get pregnant with a girl, there are some things that you can do to potentially increase your chances. Before you attempt to get pregnant with a daughter using any of these methods, do take into account that there is no real scientific basis to believe that these methods work. As you will see, they are also mutually exclusive. Don't attempt this if you only want a girl, but if you have a slight preference and are curious to see if it works out, here are some options for you.

The Shettles method was developed by one doctor called Shettles. His method is based on the theory that sperm move at different speeds depending on the Chromosome they carry. In other words, depending on the gender they could contribute to creating if they succeeded in fertilizing an egg. For a girl, Shettles says, couples who are trying to get pregnant should have intercourse three days before ovulation. He advises doing the deed in the missionary position. Apparently, "girl sperm" are slower but live for longer. Dr Elizabeth Whelan created another natural gender selection method but she claims that the Shettles method is only useful for couples using artificial insemination. Couples conceiving naturally should have sex a day before ovulation to increase the chances of having a girl. According to yet another method named "O+12", the real formula for getting pregnant with a girl is having sex 12 hours after ovulation. This particular technique was designed by a mother, not a professional in the medical field. She had six boys before conceiving a girl with this method. Only one, though. If she had six girls, I might be more inclined to believe this method works.

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