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Obesity and excessive weight are one of the main health problems nowadays. Because of that lots of people are looking into ways to lose that unnecessary weight. People have many diet plans to choose from and one of them is the microbiotic diet. This particular diet plan consists of ten steps and a person who goes for this plan will have to show a lot of self-control. For instance, in the last step a person will eat nothing but brown rice and water. Many experts agree that the original version of this diet plan is not that good and because of all the restrictions they no longer recommend it.

Well being

Apart from being good for the physical well being of a person who follows this diet plan, the microbiotic diet also enhances a person's spiritual and planetary aspects of the health as well. This diet plan concentrates on the consumption of fiber and exclusion of fat. The consumption of meat, sugar and dairy products is brought to the minimum in this diet. Vegetarians would have no problems following this diet plan.

Soy products

Products based on soy are a big part of this diet. The reason for that is because soy is rich with phytoestrogens and they are supposed to be good for high cholesterol levels, menopause and even certain types of cancer. That explains why so many cancer patients follow this diet plan.

Whole grains

Almost 60% of all meals in this diet are whole grains like brown rice, barley, millet, corn and buckwheat. Foods like pasta, noodles, bread and baked products are sometimes allowed to be consumed.


A person on this diet plan will consume one or two bowls of soup every day. Experts recommend shoyu or miso soup because they contain fermented soybeans.


People who decide to follow this diet will consume a lot of vegetables since 30% of all foods in this diet are vegetables. 1/3 of these vegetables are supposed to be eaten raw.Beans
Cooked beans should make no more than 10% of all foods a person consumes within a day.

Cooking oil

Dark sesame oil is the one every expert will recommend. Apart from that one, a person can also use light sesame oil, corn oil or mustard seed oil.


If a person wants to add some flavors to his or her meals he or she can use sea salt, shoyu, brown rice vinegar, fermented pickles, roasted sesame seeds and sliced scallions. A person cannot eat eggs, dairy products or meat but fish or seafood are ok once per week.

Some of the fruits this diet allows are pears, peaches, grapes, berries and melons.

There are some side effects this diet can cause and all of them are connected to insufficient intake of vitamins and minerals.

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