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The immune system

There are a lot of people whose immune system is not as strong as it should be during the winter season. The problem is that it is most needed during winter. When the weather becomes colder there are a lot of people who end up suffering from runny noses and sniffles. It is at that moment that most people realize that they do not have a strong enough immune system. At that moment people wished there were some ways to boost the immune system and people need to know that even then it is not too late to achieve that goal because there are ways people can do that. There are a lot of ways people can boost their immune system. However, people will need to follow more than one suggestion in order for the immune system to be enhanced that late before winter.

Ways to boost the immune system

One of the best ways to boost the immune system is to consume a lot of lemons because they are excellent when acid-alkali balance needs to be restored. There are a lot of ways people can drink lemon juice like adding it to water or tea, to salads as a dressing and even used in baking. Apart from lemon juice, people can use apple cider vinegar as well and it is considered to be an excellent way to better the alkalinity of the body.

People can turn to herbal supplements and tinctures in order to better the immune system. Essential oils are recommended by many doctors when the immune system needs to be boosted, especially when winter is near. However, people should use fresh herbs and whole food remedies instead of supplements because they have a higher potency and frequency than supplements.

Getting enough sleep is very important for the healthy immune system. Balanced hormone levels, weight control, clear thinking, healthy skin and better mood are all connected with enough sleeping hours so people need to have them.

The immune system depends a lot on proteins so people should consume a lot of them.

Drinking a lot of water is very important for many things and a better immune system is one of them. A person should drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

The consumption of coffee should be avoided or at least limited. Caffeine is known to rob the body of minerals and vitamins. Apart from caffeine, people should avoid refined white sugar as well.

When the winter comes, people should spend some time in the cold. Exercise is extremely important for the healthy immune system.

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