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Along with the cold and windy days during fall, a first cold arrives. How to improve our immune system so that we don’t feel this weather transition of fall-winter on our bodies? We will provide you with ten possible solutions that can help you deal with colds and flus that are awaiting you this winter. If you decide to follow at least three tips, in no time you will see that your immune system has improved a lot and is persistent in fighting against infections and viruses. We will name and define ten possibilities that can help you boost your immune system.

Fluids are important in the winter days as much as they are in the summer. Lemon juice is the best thing for winter, or you can just add a few lemon drops in your salad, tea or water. You can also use apple vinegar as a salad dressing, because it is also good for improving the body’s alkalinity.Don’t deprive your body of exotic essential oils, for it can provide you with all the necessary hydration. Nowadays, there is a variety of herbs that can be bought regardless of the season. Essential oils are good because they are full of immune-stimulating compounds. If you are in a situation to choose between herbal supplements and natural herbs, always vote for natural, because they are more efficient in their natural form.Night sleep is very important for our body, so make sure your night sleep lasts somewhere between 6 and 10 hours. It is very important, because our body during sleep balances hormone levels, improves our skin and mood, maintains and reduces our weight, etc.Your dist should consist of a lot of proteins. Proteins are very important for building of healthy body, mind and immunity.Water is another important thing that we neglect so often. If you experience symptoms such as a headaches and thirst, then you are like to have dehydrated. We should drink as much water as we can so that our body functions properly.If you are a coffee fan, you should stop. According to researches, coffee takes away vitamins and minerals from out body. But, if you can’t quit on this habit, then ensure that you drink at least two glasses of water with every coffee. You should also take mineral supplements so that you compensate for all the minerals that were destroyed due to coffee that you have drunk.Reduce the intake of white refined sugar as much as you can. Sugar is the enemy number one that is responsible for a lot of conditions that may occur. You can replace this white sugar with the healthy one such as agave and stevia.Make sure that your diet is filled with a lot of raw vegetables and fruit. Raw fruit and vegetables consist of a lot of antioxidants that are good for boosting our immune system.Even though it is very cold during winter, you should spend some time outside. It is because the cold destroys the germs that are easily destroyed by a cold air.Indulge yourself and don’t exaggerate in work. You should have a time of a day for yourself to organize it the way you want. Nurture yourself. Make sure you spend some time with friends, enjoy in a good book, or a movie.

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