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Introduction to herbs for winter health

Some people may love the winter because of the white, clean nature and the possibility of playing in the snow as when they were children. On the other hand, others may simply hate it, remembering the times when they were stuck in traffic or fell down because of the slippery road. No matter if they love it or hate it, the fact is that winter is a somewhat dangerous season. Almost everyone had their share of colds and coughs induced by the cold winter air.

Also, it is well known that one’s susceptibility to diseases increases significantly once the winter comes knocking on their door.However, with simple tips, those who simply adore winter will be able to go out and play without fearing the cold, and the others, who knows, maybe they’ll finally recognize the simply enchanting happiness that this season may bring to a person.


There are so many gifts of nature to help one get through winter as safely as possible. These are ordinary, day-to-day herbs that can be found in almost any garden. Little does one know what treasure lies under their very nose!

The best herbs that might help one boost their overall health include:

Heart’s Ease. This herb is very efficient, and both leaves and flowers of this plant can be used. It has been used in various ways for hundreds of years now. It can be simply chewed (and in this way it helps relieve headaches), or an infusion as a tea can be made (this helps lower one’s fever, cleanse the toxins from the body, and it helps relieve one’s cough).Rosemary. When combined with lemon peel, lemon balm, calendula, lavender, and thyme, it is a powerful antiseptic. In order to stimulate the blood circulation, rosemary can be added to a bath.Calendula. This herb can be used as a salve to fight eczema, heal calm inflammation, wind-chapped winter skin, and speed up healing. It has also been proven to have great antiseptic properties. One should use freshly picked, open calendula flowers to make an infusion. This should help one boost the body’s immune system.Thyme. Many people do not know this, but colds can be treated with this herb. It is of enormous help when it comes to boosting the immune system, being that it has anti-oxidant properties. Also, it is great as spice, so it can be added to many dishes.Sage. It is one of the most efficient herbs for treating colds and sore throats. One should infuse three teaspoons of sage leaves in 250 ml boiling water, leave it to steep for 15 minutes, strain and cool. The best way of getting rid of coughs in the fastest way possible is to gargle this three times a day.Parsley. This herb is a great source of vitamins and it helps one boost the immune system. It can be used as a spice, or one can nibble some every day.

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