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Chiropractic is a branch of complementary or alternative medicine that identifies and treats holistically the problems regarding the musculoskeletal system, especially the spine. According to this medicine, any problem affecting a muscle or a joint has an adverse effect on the nervous system and on the overall health and mental state.

What is a chiropractor?

Chiropractor is a person specialized in chiropractic therapy and medicine. A chiropractor does not use medication treatment and instead he or she manipulates the musculoskeletal system in order to solve problems affecting it. The problems are various but they commonly include back pain, headache, general body pain and similar.

This medical practice includes diagnosing and identifying the problem, through physical exam or through X-ray images and blood, urine and stool samples. The treatment consists of manual and physical therapy as well as of suggestions for dietary and lifestyle changes.

Generally, a chiropractor manipulates the problematic area manually, without medication or surgical procedures. This professional does not focus on just one specific type of patients, like cardiac specialist, dentist, pediatrician and similar. He or she will treat musculoskeletal problems of heart disease patients, arthritic patients, cancer patients, road accident patients and so on.

Chiropractors have gained a lot of attention among people who suffer from joint pain, neck or back pain and similar, because the treatment is medication-free and holistic, focusing on the overall health and well-being. In addition, these problems are usually not severe or serious enough to require conventional treatment in a medical facility and can be successfully overcome with chiropractic.

A chiropractor can treat all patients complaining of muscle and joint pain, regardless of the sex and the age, even the children.

Becoming a chiropractor

Chiropractor education generally requires four years bachelor or two years undergrad degree in a related field. After the degree, a person Aspiring to become a chiropractor should enroll in a four-year professional program in an accredited chiropractor college or institute. The first two years of this program focus on basic medicine and science and then the classes focus on specific chiropractic techniques of palpitation, massage, pressure points, joint adjustment and such.

In order to be able to practice as a chiropractor, individually or in a chiropractor office, a state or national licensing exam is required. Practicing chiropractic without this exam is illegal.

Chiropractic is today the third largest medicine branch, right after dentistry. A chiropractor earns around $70.000 annually. The job prospect for this profession is very good and expected to grow in the following years.

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