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Nowadays, many of us can’t figure out which job we should prepare and study for, but where it is about being veterinarian, one must be sure of few certain things. First of all, being a vet demands great love for animals. Second is, that one should be prepared for years of hard working studying and devoting completely to veterinarian profession. If u have both of these two listed as your interests, then being an animal doctor is perfect profession for you.

As far the learning about animal diseases are concerned, there are few levels of studying provided on preveterinary courses (which demands classes in both organic and inorganic chemistry, biology , animal healthy diet, and so on), medical colleges of veterinary (which provides knowledge in statistics , zoology, microbiology, and so on.) For entering the preveterinary courses, one should have submitted test scores from GRE (graduate record examination) VCAT or MCAT depending on what is asked from the college. Some colleges demand some personal experience, such as working in animal clinics with veterinarians, science researches. These are considered as formal experiences. When it comes to lower level of experience it requires working on a farm or some shelter for animals.

Studying levels

During the first years of studying on medical college of veterinary, students are being provided with academic instructions in the basic sciences. Later, students are faced with a variety of clinical procedures ( which obtains giving diagnose, giving treatment to sick animal and at last surgery performance).

Graduated veterinarians must chose some of the veterinary fields ( such as pathology, dentistry, surgery, preventive care) so that improve in a specific area. Student who also wants to have board certification must have finished residency program that gives hard and long trainings in specialties ( oncology, radiology, dermatology, anesthesiology, neurology and so on). Once student has finished all these levels of studying gets degree as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine ( D.V.M.)

A good veterinarian must have affinity for all kinds of animals and ability to have best access to animal owners, especially if specialized in pet diseases. For this job one certainly needs great devotion to the pets and great communication skills. Also years of practicing and getting experiences during the veterinarian career have shown important improvement in both treating animal diseases and giving the right diagnoses. If you are sure you have ability to combine love toward animals with care about them then veterinarian job is perfect for you.

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