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Even though pregnancy is a period of wonderful life, it can be quite painful for the pregnant woman. Namely, the female body changes significantly in order to endure pregnancy and, sometimes, this can lead to pain and discomfort. Then, pregnant women need all the help they can get in order to live through their pregnancy without ailments and to reach a state of labor which will be safe, lasting for a minimal amount of time.

Do You Need Readjustment?

Many pregnant women suffer from pain and discomfort in the pelvic or spinal area. In such cases, chiropractic can help. Once you visit a chiropractor, he/she will look into your entire medical history and examine you in order to evaluate your current health. Moreover, your back and pelvic area will be checked for any abnormalities. Naturally, a chiropractor will assist you only after you have consented. However, with simple readjustments of the spine and the pelvic area, you can get relieved of pain and discomfort significantly.

Chiropractic and Pregnancy

The pelvic area consists of several different bones. There is the sacrum, being the triangular bone located at the base of your spine. Then, you have the tailbone which is connected to the sacrum and the two pelvic hipbones. All these bones stay together because they are held by numerous ligaments.

Yet, during pregnancy, female body produces a special hormone which is released in order to soften these ligaments and make them more elastic, allowing better passage of the baby when the time comes. Sometimes, under these conditions, the ligaments may stretch excessively, affecting your walking ability. However, chiropractors can restore the balance and readjust the bones in the area, allowing you to walk freely during your pregnancy.

In fact, statistics show that chiropractic helps women reduce their pregnancy discomfort. A research conducted during the 90s signified that women who undergo chiropractic treatment sessions during their pregnancy have 25% shorter labor time. Moreover, with moms who have already given birth before, the labor time reduces by 31%. Also, bear in mind that 72% of women who experience back pain during pregnancy, experience the pain during labor as well. Thus, keep in mind that you can avoid all the suffering and discomfort by undergoing regular chiropractic treatments.

After Pregnancy...

Once a woman gives birth, the problems do not stop. Quite the contrary, this is the time when a female body needs to undergo yet another change, restoring its previous balance and posture. Additionally, breastfeeding can trigger back pain due to maintaining the same position for longer periods of time. Also, do not forget the lifting, carrying, bending and all the other physical movements which will become regular in your life once the baby arrives. All these factors can have an impact on your body, causing pain. So, postpartum chiropractic treatments are a choice of many women. The chiropractor will, again, restore the balance in your body by readjusting the bones and removing the pain.

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