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A number of people have problems with excess weight, and obesity and stress are the most common reasons for that. Some of them do not really pay attention or care about it until their health becomes compromised, but on the other side, there are those who are well aware of the possible risks and who want to do something about their condition before it is too late. They have various methods at disposal, ranging from different diets and regular physical activity, all the way to various products that are advertised as more than helpful and efficient in fighting the excess weight, as well as in getting rid of it. As far as the mentioned products are concerned, the truth is that it might be difficult to find the one that will really help, because they are all marketed and advertised so well. Yes, this means that until one tries out the product in question by themselves, they won’t know if it is really as helpful as claimed. And this would not be so hard if some more and some less serious side effects weren’t associated with many of these products.

How effective is reductil?

Reductil is one of the pills which are advertised for efficient weight loss, and in comparison to others, the difference is that this one has to be prescribed by the doctor, which means that medical opinion and assessment are necessary before the person begins to use them. The doctor will also prescribe the dosage, since it is not the same for everyone, but it depends on several factors. The patient is not to change the dosage on their own under no circumstances. Besides the fact that this medication has the power to help in losing weight, what it is also helpful with is maintaining the normal weigh. This way, what is also prevented is regaining of the lost pounds. The mechanism of action of this pill is based on affecting particular chemicals in the brain, which are responsible for the sense of fullness.

However, those who begin to use reductil need to be aware of some negative effects of this medication, which do not necessarily have to be experienced, but which certainly are possible. None of them is serious or life threatening, and they usually do not persist. Headaches and constipation are possible side effects, but it is also possible that the person will have problems with the sleeping disorder called insomnia.

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