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What is reductil, who should use it and when?

Reductil is a kind of a medication that is used as an appetite suppressant but only in cases of extremely overweight people who need to lose weight because they are at risk of developing some serious disease which is related to the weight. The doctors are those who have to prescribe this medication, and before doing that, they have to take into consideration patient’s medical history, current health condition, as well as body mass index, which is usually over 30. Also, since reductil is prescribed only in cases in which all other methods of weight reduction have failed in showing results, it means that it definitely cannot be used as a diet pill when a person wants to lose a few extra pounds.

Reductil works by keeping the levels of serotonin and noradrenaline, the two chemicals that are released by the brain after we have eaten, on a level which makes us feel full, calm and definitely not hungry.

Risks and side effects related to reductil

However, this medication may affect one’s health in a negative way as well, and cause some serious unwanted effects. That is the reason why it is even officially banned in certain countries and why it can only be used if prescribed by the doctor. In order to reduce the risk of their occurrence to minimum, the doctor should not prescribe them to patients who have problems with kidneys, liver, heart, as well as women who expect baby or who are breastfeeding. Also, if a patient is already taking some other medications, extra special attention should be paid because of the possible interactions, because they can also cause serious consequences, among which is the risk of bleeding.

When it comes to the possible unwanted effects of this medication, the least serious are the increase of temperature, dry mouth, diarrhea, constipation, blurred vision and nausea. On the other side, headaches may be experienced as well, but the problems that are rather serious are increased anxiety, even depression, hemorrhoids, increased blood pressure and heart rate.

A few side effects typical for men are the loss of sex drive and even impotence, while women may have problems with irregular menstrual cycles. Having in mind heart related problems and the fact that an alarming number of people who used this medication has reported either stroke, or heart attack, and that a part of such cases had a fatal outcome, the European Medicines Agency banned it exactly because of these statistical data.

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