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Being obese and overweight is definitely not the same. While obesity is the condition of having excess body fat, being overweight simply means weighing too much. However, both things mean that one has more body weight than is normal and healthy. Unfortunately, the number of people with these conditions is very high, which is not good since the excess body weight may cause many health issues like diabetes, heart disease and even some cancers.

The slimming pills and diet pills

The obese and overweight people are aware of the dangerous consequences of their state and many of them really try to lose weight and achieve the normal body weight. Therefore, many of them start using diet pills. When one decides to take the slimming pills, it is important to choose the best and those that are effective. Only those slimming pills that are prescribed by a doctor are safe to use since their efficiency and safety have been tested and proved, while the herbal diet pills, as well as the over-the-counter diet pills should not be used before consulting the doctor.

Reductil slimming pills

Reductil slimming pills were first produced by Knoll and then by Abbott Laboratories and they are approved by FDA in America and Europe. Therefore, Reductil slimming pills can be safely used without causing serious side effects to the health. They work as the appetite suppressants and thus they manage the loss of weight - when one takes the pill, he or she loses the appetite. However, the effectiveness of the pill is the best when one who uses it consumes low calorie diet and exercises every day.

The active component of Reductil is called sibutramine, which is a substance that affects serotonin and noradrenaline in the nerve cells not allowing them to be absorbed into the cells again. Thus, the person is not able to eat more food than it is necessary and that results in the weight loss.

One can get Reductil slimming pills only with a doctor’s prescription and they can be found in all licensed pharmacies. However, one can also search the Internet since there have appeared some sites that offer these slimming pills. Before taking the pill, the instructions and side effects regarding these slimming pills should be studied. Some people may experience nausea and vomiting after consuming these pills, while there are also those who may experience diarrhea, insomnia and dry mouth.

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