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There are several factors that contribute to the formation of the cost of this procedure and we will see what these factors are in the following text. But first, we will see what microdermabrasion really is. This procedure affects the skin tone and makes it brighter and smoother. It is really affordable and effective when we compare it to other available cosmetic treatments. Stretch marks, skin discoloration, wrinkles, acne, and other skin disorders can be treated with the help from this non-invasive treatment. The procedure involves the use of a certain machine that emits crystals and tones the skin. This is why this procedure is also called "power peel". The skin will glow with the help from the chlorides, oxides and other elements that these crystals contain.


Number of sessions, a part of the body that needs the treatment, the skin condition prior to the procedure, city and several other factors determine the cost of this procedure. If you want to do this at your home, you can use DIY kit. In this kit you can find foams, micro-crystal cream, hand held equipment and all you need for this cheap microdermabrasion procedure. The cost in such case may range from 20 to 200 $ and you will need about six kits in order to achieve wanted results. Next, the procedure can be done at spas or salons and these options are among the less expensive ones. The tissue can be made healthier and the skin smoother with the help of certain machines that the salons and spas have. As we have said, only one treatment can be enough. Several treatments are needed and this elevates the costs. In salons and spas you will have to pay from 75 to 200 $ for one treatment and you will require from 10 to 12 of these treatments to get the results you want. The last option is the treatment at the professional medical facility. This is the most expensive option, and the price goes from 100 to 300 $. This is a cost of one session without the consultation fee, which may require additional 150 $. You will have to pay for the personnel involved, RNs and several other fees. When we add all up, we come to a figure of 1600 $. Remember that the cost is bigger if the machines are more advanced.

These are some basic information about the cost of a procedure called microdermabrasion. We advise you to inform yourself about the equipment the medical facility, salon or spa has. The exact cost of the procedure can be estimated only if you have all the relevant facts.

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