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In this article we will talk about the costs of the procedure that shows us the internal state of the body. This procedure is called endoscopy and during it, a tube, which is flexible and thin, is used. The tube is named endoscope and is used for the insertion in human body and getting access to the organ's interior surface. This procedure is done if the patient is having the problems like loss of weight, anemia, upper abdominal pain, swallowing problems, heartburns, vomiting, nausea, belching and if the doctor is suspecting of some upper GI tract disease. A camera is used on the top of an instrument for showing duodenum, stomach, esophagus and throat. It is very handy, since this instrument, which is a type of endoscope, gives a video fee. The process during which this instrument is used is called upper endoscopy. When we use this process, we can detect hiatus hernia (upper stomach protrusion), intestinal parasites, amyloidosis, systemic sclerosis, Whipple disease, duodenum inflammation, gastritic ulcer, gastritis, cancer, esophagus inflammation, esophagus rupture in acid reflux (named Barrett’s esophagus) and abnormalities of the esophagus. The procedure we are talking about should not last more than 20 minutes and create any discomfort, apart from some cramping.

Costs of the Procedure

Many factors influence the cost of the procedure. If you have full health insurance, you will not pay a cent, but if you do not, you will have to bear some expenses. Also the cost depends on whether the sample is sent to pathology or not. Several types of endoscopy can be done and they differ by cost. The physician will charge you less than the faculty. In some cases, the endoscopy costs around 2000$ in the hospital, but the physician may charge you only 700$ if you are not sending the sample to be tested. If you are, the cost will rise from 200 to 800$, which depends on the test asked to be performed. You can see that the exact cost is difficult to estimate. It will be more affordable if the sample is not needed, like in the case of looking for a bleeding source, or it will be more pricy if the sample is taken, or if the GI cancer is a possibility. Remember to discuss with the doctor before the procedure about the costs, especially if you are not insured or if you are underinsured. The costs should be in the range from 800-2000$. Also, know that the money will be quickly refundable if the procedure is notified in advance. It is wise to know all the possible costs that can rise after the endoscopy. Items like anesthesia and sedatives will surely influence the cost.

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