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There are several non-invasive and non-surgical skin caremethods and they are Botox injections, laser skin rejuvenation, chemical peelsand microdermabrasion. The following lines will be focused on these proceduresin the city of Huston.


Fine lines and wrinkles can appear due to the skindiscoloration and sun damage. This appearance harming effect can be minimizedwith a basic procedure called microdermabrasion. Qualified estheticians,dermatological nurses and basically any skin care professional can perform it.During this procedure, a professional will use an exfoliating brush and a slightchemical solution, and they will remove and break down dead skin cells. Thereis a chance of skin sensitivity and redness occurring several days followingthe procedure, and this happens because microdermabrasion is abrasive procedure.The size of the area will be the main factor that determines the price of theprocedure, but the average price goes from 75$ per treatment. Severaltreatments will be needed and this is when the size of the area treated makesits impact on the price. The results usually come in between the third andsixth treatment.

Chemical Peel

Due to the fact that Texas considers the chemical peel to bea medical procedure, personnel that can perform them are dermatologists,dermatological nurse and several others. Skin damaged by sun and the unevenskin is treated best with this kind of treatment. Combination of thetrichloracetic acid and glycolic acid, or either of them used separately are mostly used for the chemical peel procedure. Skin irritants, like exposure tosun, need to be avoided during the recovery time, which lasts from the 7 to 21days.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

This is a very effective and popular way of removing finelines, varicose veins, uneven skin tone and scars in Huston. This procedure is moreeffective when compared to the micro and peel procedures, and this is due to thelaser light. Scabbing, skin sensitivity and redness will be experienced duringthe first 10 days after the procedure, so get some medications that will helpand do not touch the scabs.

Botox Injections

This kind of procedure can provide treatment or can be usedas a preventive measure. The wrinkles and other lines will be removed by theimmobilization of the facial muscles, which cannot contract due to the Botox.This procedure lasts only for three or four months, so it has to be repeatedafter this period. As you can see, this is not a good long-term solution foryour problem.

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