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There are many products out there that aim to cure hyper pigmentation. Hyper pigmentation is a condition which causes parts of the skin or the nails to darken, due to increased melanin. Options for treating this problem range from products and creams that are applied topically, to changing the skin care routine or switching to a different birth control pill. Hydroquinone is the one of the most used medications for treating hyper pigmentation that is not caused by hormones. It is the medication of choice for those who have mild hyperpygmentation and wish to solve it without invasive procedures. Hydroquinone is called “skin bleach” but in fact its action consists in blocking the melanin production. It is available is several different strengths and the weaker ones can be bought over the counter. The best recommended formula has 4 percent strength and it is guaranteed not to cause irritation.

If there is a need for a stronger product, it is best to consult a dermatologist. Colic acid is a natural agent that blocks the melanin production much like hydroquinone. It contains colic acid from Japanese mushrooms and asafetida extract. There are cosmetic treatments that are done by an aesthetician and are called Hydroxyl Acid peels. They are not exactly what most people consider a peel to be, but they cause a reaction in consequence of which the skin starts to peel in the days following the treatment. These peels come in different strengths, and usually the weaker ones are some at spas and cosmetic salons, while stronger ones require the presence of a medicalprofessional. Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are water-soluble and contain glycolic acid. They are used to repair the photo damage and thickening of the collagen in the skin.

Beta Hydroxy Acids can be found in many products and have exfoliating action, which is important for treating hyperpigmentation. Some formulas and products can only be supplied by a physician. They cost more but are more effective. Some of those products are Kinerase, Retinol, Retin A, Renova, Avita, and many others. Also, there are treatments like Intense Pulse Light, which uses the properties of light to treat hyperpigmentation. Machines like Photo Derm or Photo Facial produce very strong flashes of light from a small distance and remove the hyperpigmented areas. In laser peels, the top surface of the skin is destroyed in order to reveal new, toned layers. Usually before this procedure it is recommended to use products like hydroquinone or kojic acid in order to prevent the opposite effect- hyperpigmentation after the procedure. Hyperpigmentations can be treated with chemical peels as well, and usually require a series of treatments.

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