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For many couples all over the United States (and worldwide), the struggle to become pregnant is dealt with on a monthly or even daily basis. People will go through many hoops and endure many things all in an effort to have a bundle of joy to call their own. For a couple to be considered infertile is something that only a specialist can determine, but there are many that will struggle while trying to conceive.

Experts recommend that for couples that have been trying to conceive for longer than one year, to seek the services of a fertility specialist. While on the outside a man or woman can appear to be extremely healthy, it does not belie what is going on with the person's body internally. Some women might have scarring of the fallopian tubes or an ovarian blockage, a man might have a low sperm count or slow swimming sperm, one will never know until fertility testing is done. For a couple that has spent quite awhile trying to conceive a baby, testing can uncover the reasons behind the fertility impairment.

Once the issues have been discovered and brought to light, a woman may be prescribed a round of fertility medication or may need to undergo a minor surgical procedure in order to alleviate any problems she might be having. A man may need to change his dietary habits, make lifestyle adjustments or possibly have surgery in order to handle any possible issues with his fertility. The main thing to remember is that no matter what the problem is that most couples facing fertility issues are able with the help of a specialist, to conceive a baby of their own.

The problems surrounding fertility could be either the man or the woman, or a combination of both, but the individuals will not know until seeking professional assistance and getting tested. The chances of getting pregnant will greatly increase for many couples once a fertility specialist has been consulted. The chances of getting pregnant increase for couples that actively seek knowledge and become educated about fertility impairment issues. A woman can also get an ovulation prediction kit, do basal temperature tracking and other things in order to plot her most fertile period of the month. With time and patience, most couples will happily find themselves as parents-to-be in no time at all.

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