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Do you love smoothies and fruit juices? Of course, juicing and blending fresh fruits and vegetables yourself is the healthiest way to get great juice. But lots of people love to grab a commercially produced smoothie or juice on their way to work, or while they are having lunch. They still look healthy, but are they? According to a new study, people tend to underestimate the amount of sugar found in these drinks.

Researchers from Glasgow University asked over 2,000 people to assess how much sugar was found in a range of different drinks, from carbonated soft drinks like Cola to commercially produced smoothies. The participants also answered questions about the drinks they consumed on a weekly basis. From that, the researchers concluded that people are on the whole quite aware how much sugar is found in soda, but that they underestimate the amount of sugar in fruit juices and smoothies. On average, people drank 450 calories a day through such drinks!

The study's lead author,Professor Naveed Sattar said: "What you drink can be as damaging to the body as what you eat. There is no question that consuming too many sugar-sweetened drinks can greatly contribute to obesity. Some varieties of drinks such as pure fruit juices and smoothies, which are perceived as 'healthy' options, are also very high in sugar."

That's quite the revelation to many folks fruit juice is supposed to be good for you, after all! And even juices that are supposed to be 100 percent juice may well have sugar added to it. We're not just talking about sugars that naturally occur in fruit, but about added sugar.

Water and herbal teas remain the best liquids, in other words! Professor Naveed Sattar said: "For many people struggling with their weight, reducing their intake of such drinks and replacing with water or diet drinks would be a sensible first target to help them lessen their calorie intake."

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