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High Blood Pressure

Diastolic and systolic pressure are the crucial signs when blood pressure is being measured. Systolic pressure is measured when the heart contracts, and the diastolic is measured when the blood pressure comes out from the heart. If the diastolic and systolic pressures are high, hypertension can occur. It is a good idea to check these two pressures so that you monitor your blood pressure. Hypertension causes increased pumping of the blood and a person experiencing this is the only one who can detect this problem. Due to this, the name silent killer, which is used for very high pressure, comes as no surprise. Hypertension can lead to other health problems, such as certain health conditions, problems with memory and vision and similar. They are very fatal since the rupture in the brain can occur due to the development of the blood clot and this is how stroke happens. Hypertension can lead to significant kidney damage and it is condition that causes the most death cases today.

Controlling the Problem

High blood pressure can be controlled with the use of certain natural remedies and some of them refer to the foods. So if you have high blood pressure, you should avoid foods rich in sodium and MSG along with the salty foods. Try to eat fresh vegetables and put canned aside, and also try to eat a lot of fiber. One meal during the day should have flax seed oil and you can also implement in your diet some oats and brown rice. Diastolic and systolic pressure can be decreased with some supplements. Blood clotting and be decreased with the help of garlic, and the kidneys will benefit from the enzyme Q10.

There are several benefits associated with the garlic, which is why it is used for problems such as thrombosis, blood clotting, high blood cholesterol and hardening of the arteries. You can also use folic acid, which can decrease high blood pressure. Try to follow the advice mentioned in the text and the results will be visible after two weeks. Also, high blood pressure can be treated with medicines, but there are natural solutions for the problem and they are inexpensive when compared to the medicines. Besides, they involve fewer side effects as well. Exercising plan needs to be implemented in the treatment along with the proper diet. You can do whatever you like, but it is important that you do it. Go for a walk after the meal, go and wash your car, or see what's new in the mall. It is important to keep moving and to exercise.

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