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Nowadays, there is a fair number of children who suffer from ADD or an attention deficit disorder. The schools do not have an easy task when a child who suffers from such a disorder needs to be educated. Nowadays, there is a lot of progress made in the recognizing the disorder and because of that a lot of schools are up to the task of being prepared for the dealing with these children. However, there are still plenty of schools who have done nothing to better their procedural methods and are not adequate to help children with attention deficit disorder.

Attention deficit disorder in the classroom

There are plenty of signs of ADD even before a proper diagnosis takes place. For instance, a person may notice a quiet girl in the corner, simply twirling her hair and starring out the window. A person may also see a boy running around other pupils and taking books from their hands. Usually it is the teacher who first sees any signs of hyperactivity or inattentiveness. However, in most cases it is much easier to see a problem than it is to treat it. After the teacher has pointed out the problem to parents and experts, the treatment may begin after the diagnosis is made. The school

After the diagnosis, the school may be the one that will determine the future of the child. Certain schools demand that the child be medicated while others are more likely to fulfill the wishes of the parents. In this way the school will determine whether the road will be an easy or a difficult one. In a school that understands the situation and respects the decision of the parents, a child is more likely to reach his or her potential. However, there are some schools that are not that open-minded and a parent may expect a true battle in that school.

Children with ADD

The main reason why so many schools are not cooperative is because a child who suffers from attention deficit disorder is very difficult to teach, disruptive and at times pretty difficult to even control. A parent must make sure that his or her child is not treated substandardly.This is the reason why schools will instantly place a child with ADD in remedial classes even though their intelligence level would not constitute such a decision. Almost all parents are against this.

A parent needs to make sure that his or her child's well being is thought of and that the parent is there for the child.

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