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Attention Deficit Disorder Characteristics

This behavioral disorder, often abbreviated to ADD, is a condition mostly affecting small children. In fact, more than half of small children are affected by this disorder. Mainly, it involves having difficulties paying attention to different things people are trying to tell them. Also, they can have attention problems with other activities as well. What is common for all children suffering from ADD is that they are all hyperactive. This disorder, as mentioned above, affects children. However, it might not stop once they get older, and might remain present even during the adulthood of the sufferers. Even though males are mostly affected by ADD, women can suffer from it as well.

Reasons behind ADD in Women

Throughout history, only men were thought to be prone to this disorder. Nevertheless, different researches have shown its presence in women and girls too. However, ADD manifests differently with this sex. Namely, there are two types of behavioral patterns, once females and ADD are concerned. Firstly, they might suffer from attention problems and be hyperactive. Secondly, they might have problems paying attention to things and be lethargic at the same time.

As for possible causes, they are not precisely known. Rather, experts believe that it might be inborn, connected with genetics or, perhaps, caused by a brain injury. Nutrition may also be connected to development of ADD in women. All in all, women have always been considered to be the more organized and punctual sex. Thus, whenever an individual is not behaving so, but, has problems with concentration, attention and life in general, she might be suffering from ADD. Moreover, most ADD diagnosis at older age are directly stemming from childhood.

Manifestations of ADD in Women

Apart from attention, concentration and hyperactivity problems mentioned above, women with this disorder may be depressed, suffer from insomnia or some other sleeping disorders. Also, they tend to pay little attention to time, be anxious often as well as prone to mood swings. Additionally, they might have a case of low self-esteem, resulting in feeling worthless, being unable to control their emotions, making decisions quickly and being disorganized. Finally, women with ADD might have a hyperactive sense of taste and smell, as well as touch, and have troubles remembering things.

There might be some other, similar symptoms, but they all mostly are connected with the above mentioned. As for possible treatments, they are mostly based on behavioral changes needed to be made. Once a woman notices these symptoms, she should pay her doctor a visit and get more informed on how to remove ADD from her life.

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