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ADHD – potential stressor

Parents whose child or children have issues with the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder are quite often in the dark as to what they are supposed to do in order to solve this problem with utmost success and make the entire growing up of their child less complicated. Aside from this, additional anxiety and stress inducers are also daily, so to say, complaints and pleas made by their child’s/children’s’ teachers with the aim of urging parents to take certain steps that would alleviate and hopefully free their child from this awkward condition. Due to the nature of such “pleas”, a vast number of parents do tend to be stricken by incessant feeling of guilt because they are indirectly made to believe that their child and they themselves are the guilty ones for the occurrence of the condition in question.

However, this should not be the case and the child, as well as his parents, should not mind these claims and take them personally, nor that emotionally, since scientists and experts have revealed that ADHD is actually a direct consequence of certain irregularities and imbalances in the child’s brain chemistry.

Help is on the way and readily available

Regarded as one of extremely effective, if not most effective and result yielding, manners to approach and take control of ADHD is to find as much information as possible about the condition in question. This should be the first step to conquering this quite unpleasant and troublesome enemy. Once that essential knowledge is acquired, parents will be able to “pull out of the hat” solutions and techniques, which will be most effective in the battle for primacy and taking over of control of specific ADHD related behaviors. In addition, what should each and every parent have in mind at all times is that s/he should at all costs avoid giving in to anger in case her/his child forgets to bring back a coat, or a lunch box, from school. Instead, parents should be supportive and encourage their child/children by proposing certain techniques that can aid a child/children to enhance their overall attentiveness in focusing on their basic daily tasks. Also, regarded as a quite fruitful technique is open discussion with the child regarding the condition in question, since this way they will be able not only to introducethe condition to their child much better, but also to explain it and enable the child to build on awareness, which ultimately leads to better coping and boosting of his/her confidence, essential for the most successful conquering of the ADHD.

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