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In order to get the best results while you are pregnant, we advise you to use a baby heart monitor. It is very easy to use since they are all designed in the similar way, so if you learn to operate with one, you will have no problems with any other kind of baby heart monitor.

Baby Heart Monitor

During the ultrasound, you will have to get a small tube of gel in order to use the baby heart monitor. Once it is put on an abdomen in a thin layer, the baby's heartbeat will be much easier to detect. The sensor's head probe then needs to be placed on the one abdomen side. After this, the probe needs to be glided over the gel in order to get the signal. You will get used to this very fast but at the beginning, you may find detecting the signal difficult. One very important thing when acquisition of baby monitor is considered is the size of the prob. It needs to fit good in the hands so get the one that suits your hands.

Signals from around your household will be emitted and they can interfere with your baby monitor. This can be avoided if you get a baby monitor with ultrasound frequency. Clinics and hospitals mostly use 3GHz monitors so it may be the best to find such device. The market is filled with the variety of baby heart monitors. Even online you can order any of the products available today. But be careful when you are shopping and try to get as much information on them as you can in order to get the best device. Also, we have to take the price into the consideration and this will certainly help you to get the best price as well. When you get a device you need, you will hear the baby's heart beat very easily and this is a wonderful experience.

The Best

The first device we will recommend is the BEBE-BE003, which has reduced static and enhances baby audio with the ClearHeart feature. It has headset and provides an opportunity to hear and record the baby's heartbeat. This device uses radio waves and ultrasounds and for the energy - one 9V battery is used.

Next device is called Graco Prenatal Listener and it can help you hear baby's hiccups, kicks, heartbeat and other sounds. It is very ergonomic and provides a distinct sound. Record feature is included and the sound can be sent to friends and family by email with the use of a special recording cable. Guide will be included in the package.

Mabis Fetal Stethoscope is the last product we will mention and it will help you hear the baby's movement and heartbeat. Every movement and heartbeat will be detected by the super-sensitivity of this device, which is made of the chrome-plated brass binatural and the Y-tubing of 22 inches.

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