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Lemon verbena

Lemon verbena is a perennial shrub native to South America. Ever since the Spanish brought it back to Europe in the 17th century, it has been used widely for its delicious taste and significant medical benefits.

The leaves of lemon verbena, which is also known as Aloysia citiodora, Lippia citriodora, Verveine citronelle herb Louisa, and lemon beebrush, have a pleasant lemony scent, which is why they are used to add flavor to marinades, fish, poultry, salads, puddings and drinks, and they are also used to make a delicious herbal tea. This plant is also used in aromatherapy and in perfume industry.

Lemon verbena tea has an extraordinary taste and extraordinary effects. Just a couple of sips of this tea rejuvenate and refresh both the body and the mind and calm the nerves.

Lemon verbena tea benefits

People who are exposed to stress due to various circumstances can benefit from this tea. A cup of lemon verbena tea after a hard day relaxes, soothes the nerves and refreshes a tired body. It also reduces muscle tension that often accompanies psychological stress.

Lemon verbena tea also regulates sleep and helps with sleep disorders like insomnia, especially in people who have problems sleeping due to mental disorders like anxiety or depression.

This beverage is also very effective in solving digestive problems like diarrhea, gas, cramps, bloating and indigestion. For persons who suffer from these issues chronically it is highly recommended to drink at least one cup of lemon verbena tea.

Nasal congestion due to common colds is a problem that affects nearly everyone at least once a year, especially during wintertime. This problem can be solved with lemon verbena tea, which relieves nasal congestion, clears the air passages, but it also reduces fever.

In some countries, lemon verbena tea is sold as a weight-losing or slimming tea. In addition, this tea is helpful for women who are fighting cellulite, whether it is taken internally, as a tea, or its leaves are used as a body scrub.

Just because lemon verbena has many benefits, it does not mean that it can be consumed in unlimited amounts. Like with any herbal tea, moderation is the key and drinking excessive amounts of this beverage can lead to some problems, although minor, like stomach irritation.

Lemon verbena tea recipe

A perfect lemon verbena tea requires two cups of water, 20 fresh mint leaves, rinsed, and 10 fresh lemon verbena leaves, rinsed.

Water should be brought to boil in an appropriate recipient, and when it reaches boiling point, mint and lemon verbena leaves are tossed in and cooked for five minutes. After this time, the tea should be strained and poured in cups. Recommended sweetener for this tea is honey, but it is also very delicious even unsweetened. The tea is best of consumed while it is still warm.

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