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Although hot flashes are not considered as harmful medical condition,many patients suffering from them experienced negative influence to the sleep. Menopausalwomen are especially prone to sleeping problems for they are also the main groupof patients with hot flashes. Hot flashes are found out to be one of the reasonfor frequent sudden waking ups, and many women start to suffer from insomniaand sleep deprivation because of that. Going to sleep is also very problematic forpatients suffering from hot flashes.

What Causes Hot Flashes and Insomnia

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) has been blamed for theincreasing number of women suffering from both hot flashes and sleepingproblems. Many believe that the risks of the HRT outweight the benefits of the therapy,especially because it seems to be associated with many health issues, includinginsomnia.

Solution for sleeping and other medical problems in menopausalwomen is not easy, and all patients do not react in the same way. Every symptomshould be carefully assessed and then solved with the help of your doctor(s). Sleepingtablets are and should be only short term therapy, if necessary, but consultyour doctor prior to any decisions about the treatment. He or she will reviewyour medical history, check your medical condition, consult you about thesymptoms and only then determine the suitable therapy. HRT should not be completelydismissed as the possible solution for your problem.

Aging can certainly bring changes to our sleeping patterns. Olderpeople spend more time in non REM (rapid eye movement) stages of sleep, which is light sleep, than in phases of deep sleep. Because of thattheir sleep is normally lighter and they can more easily wake up. As theresult, they get up earlier than they used to and plus, they are already tiredwhen they get up. This is the condition which normally happens to everyoneafter the age of 50.

Helpful Tips

There are herbal and natural remedies helpful for peoplesuffering from sleeping problems. Sleeping OTC (over the counter) aids shouldnot be used if you don’t have to, rather opt for menopausal herbal remedies. Newsleeping routine and new sleeping patterns might also be exactly what you needin order to get a good night sleep.

Also, you should find out the trigger for your nocturnal hotflashes. Weird noise or dreaming may be reasons for hot flashes at night, but whateveryour causes are you should manage them if you want to sleep peacefully at night.Changing the diet, relaxing before sleeping, hot bath or a cup of herbal teabefore bedtime are known to be very beneficial.

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