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Perimenopause is a period of couple of years before theactual menopause. These periods of life can’t be avoided but the symptoms aren’t so bad inall women. Symptoms of perimenopause might be different in every woman,and some of them go through this period without any symptoms at all.

The mostcommon symptom is probably irregular menstrual periods. Some womendon’t have menstruation for several months, because they don’t ovulateregularly. Cycles can become much shorter or much longer than they used to be,depending on the woman. The menstrual bleeding also changes and it can beheavier or lighter than it was. There is also some vaginal dryness and libidochanges connected with the perimenopause.

Sleeping problems are frequent problem for perimenopausalwomen. Insomnia and hot night flashes are often present in these patients.

Many women experience mood and emotional changes. Depression,anxiety and bad temper are often associated with perimenopause. In most cases,life problems and current situation are more likely to be blamed for these symptoms,than the hormonal changes in a woman’s body.

Perimenopause Treatment

Many specialists will recommend their patients to use medicationsand supplements to treat perimenopause. Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) isused to compensate estrogen and progesterone in the body and to relieve some ofthe unpleasant symptoms. Some women might need antidepressant medications inorder to fight depression in perimenopause and menopause. These prescribedmedications are good but they all have side effects, including the increasedrisk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancers. Fearing the cancer, many womendecide to try with natural medications.

Natural treatments are much safer and with less side effectsthan prescribed drugs. Before you start using any herbal or natural product, alwaysdiscuss the options and possible interactions of these remedies with themedications you are already using with your doctor.

You might use standardized herbal extracts, because theycontain the same amount of product in each capsule in every bottle. Ingredientsin standardized extracts are tested and studied. Other herbal preparations may not besafe to be used, since they are not regulated by the FDA. Manufacturers can putas much or as little of the active substance as they wish, and sometimes thereis a substance on the label and no traces of it in the bottle (or the pill).

Change in your lifestyle can also be beneficial for yourperimenopause symptoms. Doctors advise to avoid alcohol, stop smoking, eathealthy and exercise regularly.

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