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Infected cut on foot

When it comes to bacterial, viral and fungal attacks, a person's skin is the first actual defense against the attack. However, if a person's skin gets cut it will make it easier for the infectious bacteria and such to enter the system. Infections can be localized or systemic. However, the problem occurs when people need to determine whether the cut on the foot is infected or not.

How do you know when a cut is infected?

There is no need for a person to think that something is wrong until the infected cut on the foot starts to hurt. In order to determine that the wound is infected a person should look for redness or swelling in and around the cut. If the area around it is warm it is also a sign of an infection. These are the symptoms of an infected cut on the foot but so are fever and swollen lymph nodes. However, if a person sees yellow or green pus on the cut it means that the infection is no longer in the early stages. This is a case of a localized infection. However, if the infection travels via bloodstream it is a systemic infection.

How to take care of an infected cut?

The first step towards being free of an infected cut is to clean the injury. Tap water can be used for that but most people will go for iodine, hydrogen peroxide or some other antiseptic. However, it is best that the doctor is asked before using any of these antiseptics. A person must clean the wound and treat the infection so that the localized infection does not become a systemic one. Antibiotics are excellent in such a case. There are creams which can be applied and they will keep the infection under control and cure it eventually. It is important to put a gauze on the cut so that irritants do not get in contact with it. A person should check the wound every day for a couple of days and he or she should contact the doctor about any questions they might have.

Home remedies for infected cuts

Honey is a first remedy a person can use to treat a cut. Honey has been in use to treat cuts for a really long time. It is an excellent defender against staph infections.

Garlic can also be used. Apart from having hydrogen peroxide in it, garlic also has antibiotic, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. A person can use garlic juice, but mixed with water.

Turmeric powder is also used by people to treat cuts and prevent infections.

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