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When it comes tosolving the stool issues, the best choice one can make is to opt for thespecific natural home remedy since these are known to be harmless and deprivedof any side effects. This does not mean that the conventional drugstore stoolsofteners are not helpful or effective, but they do tend to cause havoc byinducing some fairly serious side effects that people definitely try to avoidby all means.


This category iscomprised of substances that are known to have the ability to enhance one’swater holding capacity of stools, as well as cause the raise in the bulk ofstool. The direct result of this is the initiation of bowelcontractions, which makes it much easier for the stool to pass through and outof the person’s body. Ailments that are treated by way of stool softeners aresuch as constipation and improper bowel movements. As for the former, thiscondition is characterized by hard and dry stool, which is pretty hard to getrid off by conventional bodily paths and which causes hindrances in the propermovement of the bowel. In addition, movement of this kind of stool is known tocause quite some pain and awkwardness and is sometimes even unbearable.

The underlyingproblem that befalls all people who are affected by constipation is theinability to free themselves from the food for longer period of times thanusual. The direct consequence of this is production of toxins that tend toreach the person’s blood stream and induce such conditions and illnesses asarthritis, cataract, appendicitis and colon cancer. Therefore, the best way toavoid this, and also prevent it once it begins, is by turning for help to stoolsofteners of course.

Most effective amongthem all

These substances canbe acquired in different forms, either in the form of a tablet, the capsule orin liquid. Important to know, also, is that the greatest majority ofover-the-counter softeners like Doxinate, Colace, Dialose and Modane Softcontain in them a drug known as the Docusate, which is responsible for stoppingthe person’s colon from absorbing water coming from the stool itself. This waythe stool remains soft. When it comes to pregnant women, the best choice theycan opt for is in the form of Colace, given the fact that its active constituentsare not absorbed by the woman’s body thus not causing any unwanted risk for thefetus. Another softener that is at the top of the list is mineral oil. Theall-time winners group also includes high fiber diet, water and juice made of aloe vera.

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