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Are you a teeth grinder?

If you wake up in the mornings with a painful jaw area or you feel tension in the lower face which causes possible headaches this may be due to teeth grinding in the night. If you are a teeth grinder you know that it is bad for your teeth and one solution can be to simply wear a mouth guard at night.

Causes of Teeth Grinding

There are the two main reasons why people grind their teeth at night, worms and stress. If the teeth grinding is due to worms, which most of the time it is in children, it is relatively easy to resolve. If worms are present there may be other symptoms to look out for, for example you may notice your child whining more often and have a complaining behavior. They may have a pale face coupled with dark circles under their eyes, they may also always seem to be hungry and you may even notice worms in their stool. If the teeth grinding is due to stress, the person will need to reassess their life style and make some changes to it. For example, learning methods on how to relax before going to bed and not going to bed when still anxious from work. Unfortunately sometimes the stress is out of the person’s capability to control.

Solutions for Teeth Grinding

If it is found that the teeth grinding is caused by worms there is a homeopathic solution. There is a remedy called Cina 30c, you will need to take one pill twice a day for a few days. However prior to taking any medication, homeopathic or not, you should always consult your doctor. If the teeth grinding is due to stress you can try taking up some form of exercise, this will relax you. Allow yourself to enjoy some quiet time in your life, turn off the TV and mobiles and just simply relax or read a book. You can take a B-complex vitamin or a ginseng herb or even a calcium supplement. You will need to speak to the homeopathic professional and your doctor to go through your choices as there are more such as Bach Flower remedies, Bush Flower combination and even Kali-Phos Cell Salts.

Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

There are a couple of mouth guard options which can prevent you from damaging your teeth, but they will not prevent the teeth grinding. As you will still wake up with tension in the jaw, it is advisable to combine a mouth guard with a herbal solution.

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