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Blushing and sweating are both considered signs of a social phobia, a disorder in which an individual experiences persistent and irrational fear of situations that may include scrutiny or judgment of others. Excessive facial sweating is also a sign of hyperhidrosis, a condition that causes hyperperspiration that affects different parts of the body.

When people get nervous or anxious, the sweat may drip down their forehead and they may also sweat a lot in the armpit area. Excessive facial sweating can be quite disturbing especially for women, who may end up with smeared makeup. Embarrassment may also result from facial blushing, a simply uncontrollable reaction of a certain number of people.

Why do People Blush?

People blush due to many reasons. For example, they may feel embarrassed or stressed. Such reactions induce increased release of extra adrenaline into the blood and cause dilation of small blood vessels on the facial skin's surface. Apart from the face, blushing may also affect the neck, ears and even the chest.

Socially anxious people develop unexplained and uncontrollable fear of others. Their body's reactions in a form of blushing and excessive sweating develop after they encounter large groups of people. Such individuals fear that they will be judged and become anxious. Once the blushing occurs, they fear even more and cause aggravation of the already existing symptoms. The greatest intensity of blushing and excessive sweating is reported in patients who definitely have developed social phobias as well as those suffering from anxiety disorder. They may significantly benefit from and bring their condition under control with different psychological treatments and some medications.

Treatment Options for Facial Blushing and Sweating

If the underlying problem of such physical signs is psychological, it is best for an individual to seek professional help. Cognitive behavioral therapy is quite effective when it comes to facial blushing and sweating associated with social phobias and anxiety disorder. By confronting the situations which cause blushing and sweating a person may overcome the problem.

As for medications, beta blockers have shown to be effective against facial blushing. Still, they have different side effects and, therefore, are not recommended for all patients.

On the other hand, if the problem is physical, which is the case in hyperhidrosis, patients may feel quite a relief thanks to different treatments such as Botox injections or ETS, endoscopic transthoracic sympathectomy. Therapy with Botox injections must be repeated after several months since the effects of the toxin gradually vanish and the surgery may have some side effects which all has to be taken into consideration prior opting for the treatment.

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