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Bad breath, halitosis or oral malodor occurs because the food gets decayed due to the gases being released from microorganisms that effectuate the food. The gases mingle with the person’s breath and make it appear foul. Halitosis occurs due to the bacterial activity in the oral cavity, the teeth, gums and the tongue. Bad breath develops when the mouth is dry and it usually happens during the night. It is more likely to occur after a person had a meal because the microorganisms produce foul gases.

Hot season usually increases foul odor. A certain types of food contain more mineral and produce offensive odors when eaten. These include garlic, ginger and onion. Alcohol consumption and smoking always leads to a bad breath. The most important factor in the development of bad breath is a poor dental hygiene.

Dried pomegranate peels can be boiled in water and used for gargling in order to reduce bad breath. The dried pomegranate peels can also be ground to a fine powder and then dissolved in water. Chewing on dried coriander leaves can also be very efficient in removing offensive odors from the mouth. Mustard oil and salt can be combined to make another powerful solution for those who have troubles with bad breath. The crystal of potassium permanganate can also be dissolved in water to provide another potent solution to the problem.

One can also gargle the mouth with a solution made from warm water, lemon juice and ginger juice. Chewing on a licorice stem or cardamom is also very beneficial for the removal of bad breath. Taking a few fennel seeds after each meal can also provide great results. Jamuna leaves can also be chewed in order to solve one’s problems with breath.

Brushing the teeth with neem twigs or the babul can also make the breath feel fresher. Another efficient treatment for bad breath is green cardamom. Salted guava can also work wonders in removing bad breath. Fruits that are rich in vitamin C should always be of great help. Mint is one of the most common treatments for bad breath. Water quenches the thirst and removes bad breath as well. Baking soda, thyme oil, eucalyptus oil, parsley and cloves are also known for being very beneficial in removing bad breath.

One can avoid having a bad breath by maintaining proper dental hygiene on a daily basis. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day, flossing and cleaning the tongue with a tongue cleaner is very important.

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