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Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is a condition of the forearm and wrist caused by stress and overuse. The nerves get compressed and this builds weakness and pain and restricts movement.

Various tasks requiring repetitive motions of the hands are usually the cause this syndrome. Various homeopathic substances may help with these unpleasant sensations, but one should be careful with homeopathic products because they may contain ingredients which cause allergic reactions and other unpleasant side effects. They also need to be diluted properly in order to have a full effect. One should always select a remedy which fits his or her symptoms the most and read the instructions on the label carefully. If the first dosage doesn’t help, another one can be taken. If the remedy doesn’t help at all, the patient should switch to another one.

Arnica is one that is used as a lotion or ointment for flare-ups and injuries of the fingers and wrists. It is applied on bruised, sore areas where cramping occurs.

Calcarea phosphoric is used for pain in the nerves and bones of the wrists and arms. It is also used for stiff and uncomfortable sensations in the neck. Cold weather usually makes the situation worse. Patients are irritable, weak and sensitive in such cases.

Causticum can be especially useful for long-lasting and reappearing conditions with burning pains, stiffness and weakness of the muscles. Warmth usually helps relieve the pain, and it is not uncommon that a patient feels better in rainy weather.

Guaiacum can be used for stiff, painful wrists where ice helps relieve the pain. One may feel a need for stretching the wrist, in spite of the pain and tightness.

Hypericum is a remedy that is usually used when a patient experiences sharp and shooting pains which extend from the wrist. It has a well known soothing effect applied to body parts which contain many injured nerves. This remedy may come in handy for many other conditions involving nerve trauma.

Rhus toxicodendron is used for instances where pain and stiffness feel worse on the first motion and improve over time as the repetitive movement continues. Overused parts of the body may lead to even further stiffening as well as increased pain and a soreness. Warmth usually helps relieve the pain and discomfort, while the cold weather makes the condition worse.

Ruta graveolens is applied when overused and irritated joints produce stiffness. Even when a person leaves the wrist to rest, there is a feeling of bruising and lameness. Repetitive motions that cause a wearing and tearing on the joints and nerves also bring out the weakness of the arms and the wrist.

Viola odorata can be used for many conditions of the wrists and hands. Discomfort extends through the hand and reaches all the way to the fingers, and trembling may also occur. The condition usually gets worse in cold weather.

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