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Flaxseed oil is a very rich source of the healing oil, and it has been known for more than 7000 years. At first, Flaxseed plant was cultivated in Europe, and its seed were used for balms preparation for skin inflammations. Flaxseed oil is rich in EFA, or essential fatty acids, and as such, it can be very efficient with constipation, treatment and prevention of heart diseases, inflammatory problems, and hormone related disorders.

EFA or essential fatty acids are the key component of Flaxseed oil healing properties, because body uses EFA in order to function properly, but can not produce it on its own. EFA protects cell membranes in the body, keeping them efficient. Cell membranes bar the passage through cells of all damaging substances in the body, while admits the healthy ones.

Also, as we all know, omega 3 fatty acids are very potent preventer of various heart disorders, and Flaxseed oil is excellent source of omega 3 fatty acids; just one teaspoon contains twice as much omega 3 acids that other diets produce for the whole day.

Health benefits of Flaxseed oil

We already mentioned excellent anti inflammatory properties of Flaxseed oil. Besides that, Flaxseed oil can help the level of cholesterol in the blood not to become elevated, by controlling both cholesterol levels and blood pressure for become too high, and also to protect against angina, repeated heart attacks and cloughing of arteries.

Flaxseed oil can help both man and women in their various problems; menstrual and menopause disorders, fertility problems and pre menstrual pains are only some of them. By balancing hormone levels in the body in stressful times, Flaxseed oil can also helps women with uterine infections.

As for men, various prostate disorders, male infertility and impotence are just some of medical condition for which Flaxseed oil is excellent remedy. EFA in Flaxseed oil also keeps sperm healthy and mobile.

There are some medical pre conditions, in which case you should not use Flaxseed oil.

One of that is if you are pregnant or breast feeding. This is because there is no information about Flaxseed oil impact in children under 12 years.

Other case in which you should not use Flaxseed oil is women with hormone dependent condition such is endometriosis, cancer of the uterus, ovaries or breasts, and men with prostate cancer.

Side effect of Flaxseed oil is mostly gastrointestinal disorders such as gas, nausea, stomach pain or diarrhea. Also in some rare cases allergic reactions on Flaxseed oil has been noticed.

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