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Ganglion cysts

Ganglioncysts usually occur on the places where the two bones are connected and where bonesand muscles are connected. The place affected by the cyst is swollen and theswelling can either grow or decrease. Theplaces where they are located are wrists, and if it is on the upper part of thewrist, then we call it dorsal ganglion. They can also appear on various placesaround wrists and fingers, but these cysts usually don’t jeopardize yourhealth and over time they usually just vanish.

If you aresuffering from this condition, try to notice the things that are making it worse. Whenyou find them, it will probably turn out that some of your activities are negativelyaffecting the cyst, so try to avoid them.


Hittingcysts hard with something heavy is quite familiar home cure for this condition.However it can be very painful and you risk from having the tissue around thecyst damaged, which is why you shouldn’t be doing this. Also, you must haveheard that putting needle in the cyst helps, but that is not true and it is alsosomething that shouldn’t be done.

Homeremedies that can really help are pure ice and painkillers such as Aspirin. Youcould also try to restrain yourself from moving the affected wrist, because if the wrist isless active, the swelling will disappear faster. You can support the wrist with a splint, sothat you wouldn’t be able to move it a lot.


Corticosteroid injections are helpful but the cyst should be emptied first. Another solutioninvolves surgical procedure where you can get rid of the cyst, but there arechances that it will reappear. Thisprocedure is done in extreme cases and with local anesthesia. That is why youshould try first with some less invasive remedies.


Naturalremedies include healthy eating habits. The consumption of fresh fruits andvegetables, also unrefined food, minerals and vitamins can be very helpful. Ofcourse, you shouldn’t eat more than you need, because that can lead to obesity. Ifyou are having difficulties to evacuate the bowels, try to do something aboutit, because constipation has a negative effect on cysts. You should walk and get enough sleep. The usageof different herbs can help and so the hazel tea pressed on the cyst isefficient. Herbs that can be also usedare Echinacea and licorice. However, people suffering from ganglion cysts should bear in mind that medical solutions are more effective.

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