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This is a progressive disease in which the air sacks at the end of bronchioles are gradually destroyed. It is a part of a group of diseases named chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The symptoms start off mild. They include chest tightness, frequent and long-lasting coughing, and shortness of breath, tiredness and fatigue, loss of appetite, occasional wheezing and incapability of doing any physical activity.

Most common causes of emphysema are smoking and protein deficiency. The chemicals contained in a cigarette slowly destroy the small peripheral airways in the lungs, thus leading to this disease. Then, some people have inherited a lack of the AAt protein, which protects the elastic structures in the lungs. Without it, those structures have a greater chance of developing emphysema.

If left untreated, emphysema can increase the severity of other chronic conditions, such as diabetes and heart failure.

Homeopathic Remedy

Homeopathy has been widely acknowledged as being of great help in dealing with many diseases, and what is more, without any side-effects. The following list includes the best homeopathic remedies fo emphysema.

Some nutritional supplements. Connective tissue health in the lungs is supported by supplements that include the vitamins A and C, which, together with the bioflavonoids, also help ward off infection and promote a strong immune system in a person. Also, the quantity of oxygen reaching the tissues can be amplified by supplementing the coenzyme Q10. This compound may as well slow tissue aging and help in the renewal of cells.Herbal remedies containing myrtol, and the horsetail herb help in the repairing of damaged lung tissue.Ammonium carb should be used with those patients that continuously physically weak. They may also have burning sensations in the chest, cough often and suffer from the blockage in the nose.Carbo veg should be used by patients that have frequent wheezing episodes. Also, they might be physically exhausted most of the time, have a dusky complexion, and have a burning sensation in the chest. Some symptoms might improve if the patient is in a cool room.Antimonium tart is for the patients that have suffocating sensations, a weak pulse, feel very exhausted and unable to do any kind of physical activity, and the coughing episodes they experience often suddenly end in vomiting. The condition might deteriorate after the patient has eaten or stayed for long in a cold room.Arsenicum is good for those who have persistent shortness of breath, a somewhat blue complexion, and are covered in cold sweat. The symptoms seem to worsen when the patient lies down.

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